Friday, August 29, 2014

3 ways to be happy :)

Just Like Everybody, I was excited to Join a Corporate.  I did and its been 2 years since I failed to remember my other interests in life.
However, I managed to break myself through it to make a come back once again.
Do we remember when life was about living and being happy and content? Now its all about competition... who's better than who... like as if we all suddenly had the urge to turn into race horses... it's eating u alive...
We live in a society filled with so many distractions and temptations. It’s no wonder why so many of us live a life that is unfulfilling and empty. We have the option of either focusing most of our attention on the outer world or the inner world. Over the years of observation, I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to design the life you want, you must first focus on designing your inner world.
After experiencing a traumatic situation at an early age, I went on a lifelong journey of answering the question, “What does it take to live the life you want even in the phase of adversity?” As you and I know, we will always experience challenges and obstacles. Challenges can either make us stronger or they can leave us being a prisoner of our past. The choice will always be in your hands.
Here are 3 ways for you to be happy all the time.
Choose to be happy.  We all have the option of either being happy or unhappy. Choosing to be happy is a choice that only you can make. Challenges will test you on how you handle stress. Whenever you experience an obstacle in your life, take a step back and shift your mindset from negative to positive. Ask yourself this question, “What lessons am I learning from this experience?” Your brain will shift its focus from being negative to positive.
Examine your belief system. You can either have a positive belief system or a negative one. Ask yourself, “What kind of perspective do I have about myself and my life?” The answer to this question will determine whether or not you have a belief system that works for you or against you. If you find yourself having a negative belief system, focus on changing your patterns, behaviors and thoughts. Whenever you experience a negative thought, ask yourself, “Will this thought help me get closer to my goals  or further away?” If the answer is further away, choose a more positive and empowering thought that will lead you to accomplishing your goals.
Nurture your being. Because we live in a society where we are constantly running around, we must take the time to nurture our inner being. Ask yourself, “What do I need to do right now in order to take care of myself?” The answer to this question will guide you to an activity that you enjoy doing. Happiness will only develop when you begin to develop yourself.
In conclusion, happiness will always develop within yourself. Challenges are enviable. The way in which you handle your challenges will be the deciding factor on whether or not you live the life you want. Choose to view life with a positive perspective and you will begin to experience a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Finally, i broke the shackles of laziness and other restricting factors and made a comeback into the world of blogging. It has been quite some time since i blogged last, However I came back.
This post doesn’t give u a piece of bullshit advice, saying hardwork is the key, Everyone knows what is the key?
But how to unlock is what we have to learn.

I introduce to you, 10,000 hours to success,

10,000 hours
Huge isn’t it? Of course it is, but it might work.
One of the most appealing book which I came across recently was "OUTILIERS"

The author MALCOLM GLADWELL, At first doesn’t give you a piece of advice or some moral vague crap like a few books do.
According to his theory The author says,All it takes is 10,000 hours spent excogitately to master a skill. He Explains it logically and reasons it out. But unfortunately, 10,000 hours is enormous amount of time and tremendous amount of efforts. To spend this amount of time, one has to plan out accordingly for a longer period. How long? Count on, How many hours can you spend towards your goal a day? If you are extremely determined, you could possibly spend 6- hours towards your goal, Can u more? IF you, You may be some Super human.

Lets assume you spend, 6 hours a day towards your goal, No harm being optimistic, If you do, You would possibly be there in 5 years of time, Not just reach but you could Master it.

Its close to impossible to reach that when you are an adult since you already have commitments and your stress levels are already high. But its possible when you teach this theory to a child, motivate him and make him work towards his goal,since the child would have a long life, With his parents motivation he would work constantly towards his goal and reach the peak one day. You could master anything, you become a scientist in 10,000 hours or become an expert and write a book on “HOW TO FLIRT?”.

You want to master something? Work towards those 10,000 hours, some day you will be there and you can say- Yeah! Am a master. This theory works wonders.

However it has been mentioned that 10,000 hours is a relative measurement and it could differ with the kind of work you would specialize in.
Its not only the time, but also the quality time spent.

Walk towards it.

Achievement is talent with preparation.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

First disaster for this chocolate freak!

4 and a half years old

I moved stealthily into the kitchen to find my kitty bank and carefully removed a 5 rupee coin from the coin box, i then threw it in my mouth to hide it.
Dad who was busy reading 'The Hindu' dint notice me leaving home.

I rushed to a near by shop and asked the shop keeper for a chocolate- i said 'Dairy milkkkk!!!' Oh no! the coin instantly slipped into my throat...'ya i swallowed it'. I walked back home with my head down to the i reached i soon rushed to the kitchen and gulped in 2 glasses of water and then quietly back to the drawing room..i moved closer to my dad...i soon observed that my eyes were substituted to news paper. He asked me what i wanted...i put my hand on his shoulder and said 'Da..d! I.....swallowed a coin' Dad (confused)said 'just leavveeee!' i then repeated the same forcing my face to look more steady and serious...hoping that dad would believe me at least now. Oh ya it worked! he carried me and ran to his bike...making me sit in the front he rode to the hospital..i kept wondering why he had to CARRY ME...i dint hurt my leg swallowing a coin, did i? anyways may b he was just tensed...i convinced myself.

A nurse directed us to the Emergency hall where i sat down as still as a mouse having no clue of whats gonna happen. Dad took me out for an X ray... we waited for a several minutes to get the report, Taking the reports he ran to the doctor...i slowly went behind him.

Dr.Srinivas( i very well remember) asked me if i drank too much of water after i swallowed the coin(placing the x ray sheet on the holder).
I(amazed)- 'Oh ya doctor! magiccccc! how did you know?
Dr(tensed or angry?)- 'Not magic! but look here, can u see the water flowing like water falls above the coin?'
I-'ummmm ahhh yaaaa! looks beautiful... but how?
Dr-' the coin which u swallowed blocked the oesophagus and therefore it dint allow the water to go in
I( scratching head)

Doctor then spoke to dad about some treatment called endoscopy...
I(scratching head more vigorously) asked the doctor what endoscopy was?
The Doctor-'Endoscopy issszzzzz....(knock on the door)
He blessed me touching my head( i felt the warmth of his palm) and left the room along with dad leaving me alone.
A fat lady came in holding a tray.
She sat beside...held my hand and injected serum into my skin! ouchhhh! it hurt more than the injection which i took to shoo away my fever.
She then held my shoulder and made me lie on the bed.
Another calm looking doctor came in along with a nurse..they stood behind my head...asking me to open my mouth..i did...he told 'Wider' in a loud tone... i did.... he soon inserted a tube with some tool into my throat....deep in my throat i could feel hurt and i couldn't cry too..horrible moment.
He successfully removed the coin out and showed it to me.

Dad and Dr.srinivas came in as this evil doctor walked out...i looked at Dr.srinivas with anger fuming with in which meant( why the hell dint u tell me endoscopy was this bad! else i would have ran away)
Anyways i told myself..'kay! shruthi, u can spare him'
My dad looked worried but he hid it within and pushed a smile out which looked terrible on his face.
4 hours later we left the hospital
on the way back, dad asked me what's the most expensive currency in the world.
I thought for a while and said 'ummm dad! may be pounds or something...'
Dad- 'NO'
I- 'then'?
Dad-'Its our indian currency...Rupees.
I- whattt? howww?i yelped like a fox
Dad-'did you know that u made me spend Rs.10000 just for this 5 rupee coin...don't u think its so bloody expensive'? and don't u think this coin is precious enough to be placed at the museum?
Me and dad broke into a laughing spree as we got back home.
Mom caught us laughing and gave a dirty look.

My dad decided to save that tiny precious coin so that he could show it to me whenever i asked him for chocolates
But that couldn't held me back from eating them.

Posted by
Choco freak ;)(having ferrero rocher)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Winging thoughts

The National commerce talent test laid a platform making it a brilliant avenue for me to learn the tactics of transforming this narrow path into a success accomplishing one. I was called upon to undertake a session at 'LOYOLA ACADEMY' which was acquainted to me just 24hours before.
The next day morning,I arrived but unrehearsed,
At that juncture i came up with an extremely odd person who asked me to wait about 20minutes outside the gates just because i dint posses a college ID card, this man looked funny with a slapped nose and was shabbily dressed in khakhi, a gatekeeper i suppose.
A pleasant man with a pleasant weather after an extremely smooth travel in a public transport was a perfect combo...Sigh!

Later on i was let through confirming with a staff at the premises.

The campus could completely pacify the feel of a college, it looked spacious and boundless, there was a smart basket ball stadium where i had mind to go dodging around which was accompanied by a cricket ground which looked wide spread... where as you couldn't possibly dream about acquiring one in BADRUKA..:(!
I got my eyes stuck to a notice board as i entered which apprised about the timings of the session, notified as 'second batch- sruthi(will any one ever learn to spell my name? Its SHRUTHI!!!) and naveen.(2.40pm)
I turned back to see The father of the college(HOD) and a formally dressed boy along with him walking up to me, we introduced ourselves, took refreshments and kicked off.
He indubitably was a great guy to work with, we brewed out our thoughts together and came up to a conclusion.
As the clock struck 2.10 we were directed to a hall which was capacious and could possibly accommodate 300 people.
Naveen was all set with his laptop and his self prepared slides but on the other hand all i had was just a mild information on every intrinsic topic,we sat down along with the crowd contemplating as well as eagerly waiting for the commencement of the session just like everyone else did,
The assorted crowd looked like a fusion of professionals and bouncers.
The people who were seated at back where already fallen asleep( no surprise)

The first batch walked up and spoke about 'Demand analysis' for which i dint give heed to and started gearing up on my topic

And then came my turn, I went up with the mike facing the audience, gave a nice wide smile and turned back to the screen....."Fishhhhhhh!!! WTF?????" was the only thought which got glued on my mind, There was a biggest blunder shown on the screen, surprisingly it wasn't spotted by the people,
A topic called 'Rectification of errors' flickered on my head from no where, i soon adopted myself to it as quickly as a chameleon.
Naveen kept gazing at me still not realizing the reason for a sudden shift.
But this made my job easier as the slides explored with a lot of errors.
The mission accomplished and i once again sat down along with the crowd elucidating naveen about the blunder he made.
Once the session came to an end, we went around exploring the campus until we were called back.
We went back to the pavilion while others filled their feed back forms, A guy pushed his chair back..stood and screamed" Shruthi^^^ are you a FIRST year???? he hurried
Awe!(I soon gotta jerk) and softly replied "YES, certainly i am it a SIN???
He Grinned and sat back.

I felt ecstatic to know that i was the second best performer at the session.

Its an aura of excellence to me, Hence posted ;)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Special one for 'YOU'

Wondering who that 'you' is? Am sure 'HE' will understand 'YOU'. Confused?
"Mr.YOU" am sure your head is spinning and i can see u uttering a few words like, "Is she insane"?
But am sure 'YOU' know who "Mr.YOU" is. Am sure friends "HE" knows who "YOU" is.
So i guess i have made one thing clear that HE=YOU.
Now who 'HE' is? HE= MY GUY

YOU=MY GUY=LOVE (Hence proved)


I have always been accused of being unromantic and tagged as a girl who can never fall in love.
Everybody falls in love at least once in their life because its such a beautiful emotion and so did i not just fallen but drowning deeper and deeper with every passing day.
'Love' is the most unconditional feeling that one can have for somebody.
Wonder how will somebody know whether he/she has fallen in love?
If u aren't able to give a particular reason for falling in love with him,
it becomes so obvious that u have fallen for that person.
It was the same case with me, people asked me why have u chosen him out of all the guys here. "I don't know, it was just a moment of spark" was my answer to them.

I love 'you' the most.
Sharing difficulties is not as easy as sharing joy,
'you' are someone whom i would want to hug when am happy and your words can definitely get me out of distress and pain.
I never thought I had the capacity to love anybody as much as I love you right now. Yet, my love for you continues to mature.
'i know i have got you hurt many a times, am sorry da!'YOU' can make me repent the moment i get harsh at you.
Your voice when i listen to over the phone, takes me to a land which is an alien to the word frustration.


At this moment i get the flashes of march 6th, with a few tears in my eyes and
that particular sms of the previous night
'The last day of our paarkamaley kaadhal is gonna end' brings smile :)

I really mean every word in the above lines. In fact, I mean much more but definitely not able to express it still better.

I've pen down this just to tell you that i love you.

And ya friends i want u people to say 'AHHH!!!!!!!!! lucky guy' wont you?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Changing desires in life!

"kanna,what do u wanna become when u grow up?" asked mom, trying to push another handful of food inside my mouth...i replied saying-"Ma, i want to become a doctor".
Mom's lips widened and she said "i am proud of u, but may i know why?"
I replied "to put injection to my teacher" i retorted. she soon burst into a laughing spree along with dad and said "pity your teacher". I soon said "pity me, she gives so much of home work."
"mom i want to be a doctor" and that's how it started....

When i was 8 years old, on one fine day my relatives had come home for a particular occasion. "Do you know me " they would ask . Honestly there would be hardly 1 0r 2 whom I could recognize . But as per the instructions from my dad I always replied " Of course aunty .. How can I forget you "...and thankfully they never asked anything beyond that..But on that day they had another question, asked me what i wanted to be...but this time i had a different answer, i told them that i wanted to have a chocolate factory for myself so that i can eat how many ever chocolates i want to, hence my dad and mom can never stop me from eating chocolates. There followed a thunder bolt of laughter.
No wonder they laughed then and no wonder i laugh now :).

As i turned 10 i wanted to be an artist and when i was 12 i wanted to be a tennis player, at 14 an architect but i really stopped telling myself that i want to become something as i turned 16, confusion inside me, outside me and around me.

Well , the desires do keep changing .What you desired today might not be the same tomorrow. But however the heart which desires remains the same . And its always the human nature to keep desiring .So its better to stop arguing against desires and just let them run free..
And it is these desires that makes life lively . Irrespective of how big, how small, how foolish or even how clever they are , these desires are always special and provides us with the joyous moments in life.

"keep desiring, come what may."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why do we dream?

This is a question which keeps rising now and then within myself,
I surfed to know why actually do we dream,
I learned that dream is an involuntary series of visual or emotional thoughts occurring in the mind during sleep-like state,which simply means u never stop thinking even during asleep, you don't know what exactly are you thinking during asleep unless u dream.

Research reveals that dream is associated with REM sleep. waves given out by the brain during sleep are large and faster during REM. Most adults dream 5 to 6 times in one night. They occur every 90 to 100 minutes and last 5-10minutes.

The pathways of the nerve impulses from the brain to the muscles are blocked, therefore body doesn't move during dreams.

This is all i read about why we actually dream.

I have recently dreamt something very different and odd, which was more like a dream in dream. The research says that its because of the emotional thoughts occurring while someone is asleep, does that really mean am creative in dreaming as well? sounds nice though ;).

My brain never stops raising questions, I still have too many questions as in,

If its really that every adult dreams about 5 to 6 times in one night,
why is that we remember only a few dreams very accurately?
Either we shouldn't remember any of them or we should remember them all.

Its said that the body parts doesn't move during your dreams, but i have seen my mom complaining almost every morning that i talk during asleep or sometimes i had even punched her arm while i dreamt up. Does that mean the nerves from my hand aren't connected to the brain? :|

This study has not brought much of the information which i wanted.

Search continues.......